Who Is Larry Burrus

If you work or shop at FoodMaxx, Rite Aide, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Panda Express, or requires immediate service from the Police Substation, I like to introduce myself I’m LARRY BURRUS, I develop communities. As a Real Estate Broker, Engineering and Building Contractor. I am president of the Burrus Financial Group owner of five different companies. My office, is located in the Burrus Financial Building at 2745 N. Hughes Ave. Fresno CA.

I am seeking to represent our community at City Hall in order to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods, and to serve as a responsive & effective advocate for our district. Our city is full of great potential that we can tap into by working collectively.

I believe effective representation come from knowing the people you are representing; my experience was developed from the life I lived in this district. The schools I attend, Parks I played in, Streets I played on, Stores I shop at, and people I worked for, people of diverse ethnic, religious, and racial background. I am aware of our unique history, our problems and strength. District #3 needs a representative in business with leadership abilities.

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